Benefits of Working with the Experts at Fox Painting Company

April 8, 2020 at 4:00 AM

At Fox Painting Company, we, like you, have all seen the movies where the main characters have a blast painting a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and, within movie minutes, the room is perfect and they’re having a party. In real life, DIY painting is an expensive, time-consuming and often dangerous undertaking. One way to save money, time and preserve your personal safety is to hire the reputable painting experts at Fox Painting Company. There are several huge benefits to working with a painting expert.

We Save You Money

We know it seems hiring someone will be more expensive, but what most people don’t realize is painting anything entails much more than picking up a can of paint and paintbrush. Consider the following costs you may have when you take on a DIY painting job:

  • Multiple and different coats of primer and paint
  • Multiple brushes and tools
  • Sanding tools
  • Texture tools
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladder
  • Protection for the rest of the house, landscaping, etc.
  • Personal protection equipment

There are even more supplies, materials and equipment needed for larger or exterior jobs. At Fox Painting Company, we have everything we need to do the job. Why buy expensive equipment you’ll only need once?

We Save You Time

Image by obpia30 from Pixabay

Prepping, painting and cleaning up takes longer when you do it yourself than you anticipate – much longer. Many people start what they think will be a day-long project and end weeks later exhausted, sore and only mildly happy with the job they’ve done. We will give you an accurate timeline and finish when we say we will, much quicker than if you do it yourself.

We Provide Impeccable, Professional Results

We know what it takes to provide professional, beautiful and long-lasting results. Remember, this is all we do, so we do it better than anyone. We don’t just change the color on your walls or exterior – we aim to increase the value of your home. Clean lines, rich and high-end color and clear craftsmanship are just a few of the professional advantages we bring to every job.

We Make Sure Your Structure Is Stable

We’re trained to spot rot or decay on the structure of your house. A small untreated imperfection or weakness can turn into a much larger issue down the road. We call your attention to any issue we find. We have the best contacts in the business and can direct you to the right place to fix the issue before we get started if the discovered issue is outside of our expertise.

A great paint job can protect your walls from being penetrated by water vapor, which protects against things like mold and decay.

We Provide a Stress-Free Experience

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When you do a DIY job, there’s an inherent amount of stress that comes with it. We alleviate all that stress. You don’t have to worry about protecting your belongings, landscaping and floors. We do all the texturing, prepping and final touches. You don’t have to clean up or figure out where to put old drop cloths. We bring and take all the equipment with us, so you don’t have to purchase it and then find storage for it.

There’s also the stress of wondering if you’re making the right color choices! We are experts not just in the mechanics of painting, but also in choosing the right color and patterns for your space and to fit your style. Think of us as color consultants, not just your professional painting company.

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