Best Time of Year to Hire a House Painter in Middletown

April 27, 2021 at 11:00 PM
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It’s hard enough deciding on the color you want, but that’s not where the decisions associated with getting a fresh coat of paint end. One more thing you have to consider is the right time of year to hire a house painter in Middletown to get the job done. Weather conditions heavily influence the quality of the finish.

At Fox Painting, Orange County homeowners looking to liven up their properties often ask us what time of year they should choose.

If you’re wondering the same, here are our answers to make it all clearer.

What should you consider?

You’re going to want to avoid temperatures that are too low. Anything below 50 degrees will cause the paint to have issues with adhering to the surface. If temperatures are too low, it can even roll off.

Humidity and heat are also factors to think about. When it’s really hot, the paint can crack, meaning you’ll need to apply a new coat. That means you’ll want to avoid the peak summer days.

Settling the question, the best time of year to paint your house is spring or fall.

Especially for Middletown, NY, there’s a fairly long window that offers ideal conditions for painting. From May to October, temperatures tend to range between 65 and 90 degrees. You can find great times to hire a painter throughout all those seasons.

The time between January and March, as well as November and December, usually doesn’t provide the conditions needed for the highest quality paint job.

Other things you’ll need to watch out for

While spring or fall are generally the best time of year to paint your house, some days during those seasons are not ideal.

Avoid days when the weather forecast suggests there will be rain. And if there’s been a heavy downpour, it’s advisable to wait a few days so the paint doesn’t go on a wet surface.

Likewise, you’ll also want to make sure that the day you choose to paint your home doesn’t immediately come before others with high precipitation. You’ll have to rely on forecasts if you’re going about this alone, but an experienced professional can assess the situation and lend their insight.

These are general guidelines that are wise for you to follow. But if your preferred time happens to fall outside the periods recommended here, send us a message and we’d be pleased to let you know what days work best within your chosen schedule.

Best time of year for interior painting

Thankfully, deciding when to call a house painter in Middletown to take care of your interior is a much easier affair. Outside weather doesn’t play as big a role, and you can influence many of the essential conditions.

Humidity will still cause paint in your interior to take longer to dry, streak, or struggle to adhere to surfaces. But that’s nothing a dehumidifier can’t help with.

And heat is still something for you to consider, but you can easily create the right conditions for painting with your HVAC.

While exterior painting is about working around factors, painting your interior is more about picking a good time with regard to your lifestyle. Choosing a period without much activity is often the most crucial consideration.

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