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A Sneak Peek at Color and Interior Design Trends For Commercial Painters in 2020
September 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Fox Painting
A Sneak Peek at Color and Interior Design Trends For Commercial Painters in 2020

Shades of yellow and other natural colors will grow in popularity for bedrooms and other living spaces in 2020.

The industry shows have all passed. We now know where styles and fashions in painting and home interior design will head next year. For the most part, expect a continuation of the trend toward darker and richer color schemes, but a few emerging shades will surprise.

Below we have listed a few of the exciting new color looks that will grace home walls in the next year.

Commercial Painters Offer More Natural Colors

Natural colors will dominate in most aspects. Homeowners want to feel more connection with natural surroundings, even in the city. Surrounding them with warm and rich natural tones will accomplish that.

These selections will continue the trends of the past few years in which lighter colors and minimalist styles give way to cozier and homier feels.

Light Shades of Yellow Featured in Bedrooms

Yellow and its wide range of shades continue to make inroads into living spaces. It has grown popular as an offshoot of the larger trend toward naturalizing surroundings. Yellow is associated with the sun, sunlight, and natural warmth. Combined with increasing interest in LED lighting that mimics natural sunlight, popular shades of yellow such as french vanilla will appear in more and more homes.

Living Spaces Will See More Variations of Green

Go back in time about 10 or 20 years and ask homeowners what they think of gray-green. The first association they consider may be old hospital color schemes or their grandparents’ Eisenhower modern style homes.

Get ready for a resurgence of gray-green. This muted shade of a wondrous natural color will serve as a dominant shade used in living rooms and other similar spaces. Those who find this shade too drab will likely find mint as a pleasing alternative that accomplishes the same natural look with more vibrancy.

Dusty Lilac Perfectly Sets Off Darker Furniture Colors

Homeowners’ brief flirtation with pink has likely ended, but more “adult” variations of this color will appear in more homes this year.

One of the most popular shades, dusty lilac, contrasts perfectly with consumers’ newly emerging tastes for darker furniture. It creates its own color perception while also perfectly setting off the richness of dark woods or painted finishes. In many ways, it performs in a similar fashion to muted neutral tones while making a statement for itself as well.

Warm Gray Continues to Be Popular

Not everyone loves natural color schemes. Also, those selling their homes still need neutral tones to maximize their house’s appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Warm gray and similar shades have maintained their popularity throughout this century even as other color styles have faded in use.

Warm gray allows the rest of the room to stand out while the walls fade into the background. Homebuyers can more easily imagine their own color scheme visions while looking at a neutral-toned wall. It also helps lighter colored furniture stand out in an interior design scheme.

Another neutral color that serves a similar purpose as warm gray is hazelnut. Hazelnut represents a muted version of the tans and browns used as neutral tones earlier in the century. It creates a classic look that makes dark woods in both furniture and accent work stand out exceptionally well.

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