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Fox Painting Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions
May 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Fox Painting

At Fox Painting, we treat every customer that comes to us like our top priority, offering dependable service, professional teams, and exceptional results. We've noticed several questions that pop up again and again with our customers, and we wanted to put them all in one convenient place. We invite you to browse our frequently asked questions below.

1. How experienced is Fox Painting?

  • For almost a decade Fox Painting has given our customers exceptional services that we specially tailor to suit their unique wants and needs. We bring years of combined experience in painting for residential, industrial, and commercial properties, and we've tackled both large and small projects since we opened our doors.

2. Can I get comprehensive painting services?

  • Yes! We take great pride in offering comprehensive painting services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We can do both exterior and interior work and all of our clients can count on meticulous attention to detail combined with fast and efficient work.

3. Are color consultations possible with Fox Painting?

  • Absolutely! We've found that while most of our clients have a general idea of the color they'd like, they get overwhelmed by the sheer choices available. We'll ask you a few basic questions and take into consideration how different colors look in different lighting environments before we give our recommendation. We know that the perfect paint color can make your space have the feel you want.

4. How do consultations work?

  • Generally, we perform the initial consultation at the location you'd like us to paint. This can be your home, office space, or another location. We'll come in, take a look around, measure, and get a good grasp of what you'd like to convey with this fresh coat of paint. Once you pick your colors, we'll give you a comprehensive cost estimate and schedule a date to paint.

5. What is Fox Painting's history?

  • Our founder, Todd Hardy received extensive training as a painter for NYS, and his wife's grandparents were the first local paint suppliers in Orange County. So, you could say that Fox Painting is a family affair with over 60 years of combined experience and passion for a job well done.

6. How do we set our prices?

  • Unlike many companies who buy the highest quality materials and charge a small fortune because of it, Fox Painting is different. We too use some of the highest quality paint and supplies, but we base our prices solely on how long it takes our teams to complete the paint job. Our highly experienced painting professionals can complete a paint job quickly due to their experience and training.

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