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Painting Industry Trends for 2019
June 13, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Fox Painting

 In 2019, residential and commercial painting will continue to evolve as market wants and needs continue to change. The market for colors is in transition as bold and brighter looks, as well as patterns, have come back into fashion. Residential and commercial painting contractors have also grown more innovative in attracting business through expanding services.

Another trend to watch out for in 2019 is the increasing concerns about the effects of certain paints on the environment. Look for paint products that claim to have a less negative impact.

Color Trends in Residential Painting

Trends have changed sharply over the past year. Minimalism is out in interior design, as well as browns and assertive pastels. Gone also are heavy and aggressive shades of blue. Expect to see both very light shades and a variety of earth tones in 2019, such as the following:

  • Hazelnut, like a few other selections on this list, serves almost as a non-color. For those who neither want white nor a color that stands out, hazelnut offers a warm take on both bright and earth tones.
  • Muted pastels provide the same effect, offering a soothing surrounding that allows your furnishings to take center stage and your walls to play a backup role.
  • Soft clays evoke the vibes of warm Caribbean breezes, bringing a taste of the tropics to your home in all seasons
  • Those who prefer a more dominant wall color in interior design will move more toward earth tones in 2019. Commercial painting contractors report a movement toward darker greens and mustard tones inspired by the 1970s
  • Blue has not entirely gone away but will emerge in a more muted fashion in 2019. Powder blue, charcoal blue, robins egg blue, and other softer tones that evoke an old fashioned feel should dominate blue choices in 2019.

Some Painters Expand Offering of Services for Both Residential and Commercial Painting

Residential and commercial painting contractors have seen an increasingly competitive marketplace for their services. Many have developed a competitive advantage for their business by offering other home redesign services. These include putting on faux finishes, sealing sidewalks and driveways, staining decks, and even home remodeling.

More Environmentally Friendly Paints Now Available for Commercial and Residential Projects

Certain segments of the market have started paying a lot more attention to the products they use in day to day life. This means that a variety of different industries have found a competitive advantage in getting to know and also offering more environmentally friendly products.

Commercial and residential painting contractors have increasingly turned away from traditional solvent-based paints toward water-based selections. The trend has already started in the United Kingdom. In 2007, the UK passed a law increasing regulations on VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Traditional solvent-based paints contained many of these compounds, which assist in promoting an improved drying time and better results in each coat.

Water-based paints now account for four out of five residential paint products sold in the UK. For industrial and other heavy-use situations, solvent-based paints remain the product of choice, however.

While residential and commercial painting contractors still have the option in the United States to use different types of paints, they should be aware that some customers may demand water-based paints. Getting comfortable with them and the different requirements that go along will help prepare contractors for times when water-based paints are requested.

Painting a home or business only looks simple to those who aren't in the business. Residential and commercial painting contractors should continue to keep one eye on trends and industry changes as they focus on providing top quality service to their customers.