Why You Should Hire Residential Painters Before Selling

May 21, 2021 at 9:30 PM
New York residential painters.

Are you getting ready to sell your home? You probably have an arm-length list of improvements and repairs to make to your place before putting it on the market. It’s hard to know how much money to invest into your current home when you’re saving up to move or buy a new property. Return on investment, or ROI, becomes the guidepost for most of the decisions you make from now until closing. If it isn’t already, hiring a residential painter should move to the top of your list. We’ll explain why.

Hire a residential painter for your home’s exterior.

When you decide you’re going to sell your home, this is the first thing you should do to get ready. It increases your home’s curb appeal and shows potential buyers that you care about the property. But not all paint jobs earn the same ROI, so it’s essential to make informed choices when investing in any home improvement project before selling.

The paint color matters.

Of course, fresh paint always looks good, but you want to choose a color that appeals to the greatest number of people to attract the most buyers. You may love cheerful yellow, but it could drive away otherwise interested buyers. The exterior colors with the most appeal are:

  • Light and dark greys
  • Neutral blues
  • Earth tones

It’s critical to hire a professional residential painter to get the job done. They’ll use the highest-quality materials and expertise to make sure your home’s exterior looks incredible.

Painting your home’s interior gives it the wow factor.

You want buyers to see themselves living in your home from the moment they step through the door. Although you may not even see the dings and scratches your entryway accumulated over time, it’ll be the first thing new buyers notice.

If you painted your home within the last year, and it’s just a few scuffs you need to touch up, then you can probably do the work yourself.

But you get more than professionals wielding paint rollers when you hire residential painters to work on your home.

Never repaint without a professional color consultation.

Residential painting services begin with color consultations. If you’ve ever ended up with a dozen swatches on your wall, unable to pick a color, you know how valuable a professional opinion is. During a consultation, share that you’re repainting to sell your home. The residential painter will guide you to colors with mass appeal that will make every room feel bigger while accenting your home’s best features.

Consider these top reasons to hire a residential painter before you sell your home.

There are specific benefits to working with professionals to repaint your home––beyond the appeal of not having to do the work yourself.

  • Get it done fast: professionals can repaint your entire home to look great in a fraction of the time it’d take you––so you can get on the market faster.
  • Years of expertise and insight: the pros know how to make a property look its best, no matter the time of day or the time of year.
  • High-quality professional materials: residential painters use the best quality materials to ensure a reliable finish that looks great for years.
  • Save buyers time and money: when your home is fresh-painted, buyers know it’s one less thing they have to do before moving.

Also, when your home looks incredible at first glance, potential buyers trust that the rest of the property is just as well maintained. They’re less likely to search out leaks and problems in the rest of the property.

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