How Often Should You Hire a Commercial Painter for Your Store?

September 1, 2022 at 6:00 PM
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There are many reasons to hire a commercial painter for your retail space. An experienced painter in this field knows the right techniques and paints to use for optimal results. If you get a professional paint job, you may not have to paint your store as often. It all depends on what you want to accomplish by having it painted now.

You might need to repaint your retail space every 3 to 10 years. Exteriors that are exposed to many hours of UV light or dust and grime might need repainting more often. Interiors can also become dingy and dirty looking with more use and exposure. The best time to repaint is when your retail space no longer has a fresh, inviting look.

You will probably want to paint the interior and exterior at the same time. If the exterior is made of some type of siding, brick, or wood, power washing might produce the desired effect. Your exterior will look clean and fresh to go with the new coat of paint inside. Ask the commercial painter whether power washing your store exterior is recommended.

Sometimes painting is out of necessity. It is the only way to improve the appearance of the space. Other times, you might have other reasons for painting. Your reason will determine how often to wait before hiring a professional painting service.

Maintaining Your Professional Reputation

If you want your business to continue to represent the quality services and products it is known for, you might want to keep the general appearance the same. Painting the interior and exterior regularly maintains the feelings of familiarity your customers have grown.

Fresh paint also helps bring in new customers. Anyone is more attracted to a clean, well-kept building. Letting your retail space go will show its age. Customers aren’t as likely to feel compelled to go into a faded, tired-looking building.

Making a Change

If you’re looking to rebrand your business or make it look more modern, changing colors can help. Maybe you have a new logo or you’re adding a new sign out front. A professional painter can help you choose the best colors to create the desired impact.

Increasing Productivity

You know that feeling you get at home when you paint your walls a new, fresh color? The same is true for your employees when you paint your store’s walls. It isn’t just a mood lift from having a fresh, clean workplace. It’s also how specific colors inspire and motivate. The next time you paint your retail space, think about choosing a color that will increase morale and boost productivity.

Protecting Your Retail Space

Paint does a lot more than add color to your walls. It protects the surfaces of your building and helps prevent deterioration. Investing in a commercial painter now can end up saving you a lot of money later. If you didn’t have a professional paint job the last time around, you could start to see signs of chips and peeling earlier than expected. The sooner you hire a painter to take care of it, the less severe the damage will be.

Fox Painting – Commercial Painter

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