How to tell when you need deck refinishing services

June 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to tell when you need deck refinishing services

If you spend a significant amount of time on your deck, you’re going to notice when it starts to look like it’s in disrepair. If not, then it might feel like your deck is suddenly starting to look old and shabby. Either way, you can refinish it to make it look fresh and new again. At Fox Painting, we can help with deck refinishing services. If you’re looking for signs that your deck needs to be refinished, read our guide to learn more.

Splintering or cracked boards

Old wood gets worn down and brittle over time. We’ve all stepped on a dead stick and heard the distinctive snap when it breaks. This is because it’s dead and brittle. The same happens with the wood for your deck. As the protective stain or paint gets old and wears out, the wood is exposed to the elements and will age. If you’ve started to notice that the boards on your deck are starting to splinter or crack, it’s in need of a refinish. You can look for early signs of splintering or cracking by examining the ends of the boards as well as the edges. These are the first areas to be compromised with splintering.

Flaking and peeling paint

The paint on your deck does more than making it look nice, it protects the wood from exposure to the sun’s UV rays and moisture. The wood gets its strength from the cells in the fibers, but those cells can be damaged and destroyed by sun exposure, with will reduce the strength of the wood. Additionally, water will saturate the wood and cause it to rot. The paint on your deck prevents both of these from happening by protecting the surface of the wood. Keep wood from your deck strong with a refinish.

Rotting planks

One of the most critical signs of damage to your deck is evidence of rot. This is the most dangerous issue your deck can have because the rot can spread across from one board to another and compromise the overall integrity of your deck and make it unsafe to use. These planks will need to be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid further damaging your deck. The next step is to refinish your deck to ensure that planks that don’t have rot are protected from the possibility of their destruction as well.

Faded or discolored wood

Even if you use a clear coat stain or paint to finish your deck, the wood should have a rich color. As the paint or stain wear down and the wood is exposed to the elements, the color will start to fade. The grain in the wood will not be as prominent and the wood itself will start to take on a grayish color and lose its strength. Refinishing the wood will restore the color and strength that it once had.

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