How to choose living room colors for your home paint services

December 1, 2020 at 8:00 AM
living room painted blue using paint services for homes

While the “best” and “worst” colors for your living room are subjective, there are some guidelines you’ll want to follow to ensure that this central area is aesthetically pleasing and fits cohesively with the rest of your home.

Here’s how to choose the best colors for your living room, so you can make the best color decisions for the paint services you use in your home.

Tips on choosing paint colors for your living room

Take the size and lighting situation of your living room, as well as the mood you want to achieve, into consideration when choosing your colors.

Light colors will make the room feel more spacious and airy, while darker colors will tighten up a room. However, darker hues can also make a home feel cozier. Choose light, warm colors like greige or khaki to make a room feel more inviting. Meanwhile, bright colors in moderation can leave a huge impression on anyone who walks into the room.

Essentially, you want to choose your colors based on your home’s overall style as well as how you want people to feel in the room.

Some colors to consider (and some to avoid) in your living room

Be wary of bright stimulating colors like electric yellow or red in the living room, although punchy tints can be used as an accent color to great effect. On the other side of the spectrum, avoid dark brown for smaller spaces, as it can make the space feel dull and lifeless — not the energy you want for such a high-traffic area of your home.

A great option for most living rooms is blue — whether you go darker with navy or a lighter, almost pastel choice — as it’s a versatile color. In fact, it’s the most popular choice among homeowners. Choose a blue with a gray base for a standout look that complements a variety of styles yet doesn’t overpower everything else in the room.

Another option to consider is green, the color of renewal and growth. It’s great for those who want that refreshing and earthy feel without having to put in the effort in keeping houseplants alive. A muted green acts as a neutral backdrop for everything else in the room, while adding a splash of the unexpected that a true neutral can’t provide.

At the end of the day, color is a subjective choice. What works for one household may not work for another. Choose what feels right for you — and consider consulting a paint color expert, just to be safe.

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