Business Need a New Look? Commercial Painters Can Help!

September 9, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a mural commerial painters can do for your business.

When you’re a business owner, there’s a lot to keep track of on your to-do list. You’re never totally done with the daily, weekly, and seasonal chores. It’s easy to let some big projects slide to the back burner, especially when your business is doing well. Remodeling your commercial property is a substantial financial investment, and it can be a huge inconvenience. You have to either shutter your business during the remodel or deal with drop cloths and dust for weeks at a time.

Commercial painters are an alternative to full renovations

A fresh coat of paint can give your commercial property a fresh look without the expense and inconvenience of an entire remodel. Commercial painters work with speed and accuracy to make your property look incredible without the inconvenience of a renovation.

Pro painters offer so much more than the swatches of paint at your local hardware store. They provide experienced guidance, insight into the latest styles, and on-trend ideas. Working with commercial painters ensures your property looks great for years to come, whether it’s a retail storefront, start-up loft, or traditional office space. Keep reading for a few ways to give your business a fresh look.

Find trending colors

Every year, major paint brands and Pantone release their color of the year. These hues capture a moment in time by reflecting current and forecasted trends in design for the year. They’re also colors with a classic appeal, meaning they’re a safe bet for businesses that won’t be remodeling for the next decade.

Commercial painters can help you pick primary and accent colors for your property based on the lighting, exposure, and type of business you run. Instead of trying to choose a color yourself, working with professionals during a consultation gives you the benefit of experience, expertise, and insight into the upcoming trends for the next several years.

Consider environmental impact

The safety of construction materials has never mattered more, both for the environment and for your employees, clients, and customers. In previous decades, you may have accepted the new paint smell in your commercial property for a week or two. But water-based, eco-safe products mean you don’t have to sacrifice your health or comfort for a new wall color.

Environmentally friendly exterior paint products can even improve the carbon footprint of your business. Let the commercial painters you work with know environmental impact is essential to you for paint product recommendations.

Catching Art

Attract attention with a mural

Small towns and big cities alike are making the most of their commercial properties by transforming urban scapes into art galleries. Hiring a muralist for your exterior walls has many benefits. You’re supporting artists in your community while beautifying your neighborhood.

You’re also creating an opportunity to generate attention on social media. An Instagram-able piece of artwork will attract locals and tourists alike who will want to have their picture taken outside your business.

Book an estimate with commercial painters who deliver what they promise, New York’s Fox Painting.

We’re a team of experienced, professional painters with a singular goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Regardless of the size of the job––residential or commercial––we perform meticulous, diligent work backed by superior customer service and on-time completion. Paint should do more than just give your home or business a fresh look. It’s an investment in your property that will last for years to come. We offer a wide range of custom services and will partner with you to ensure you get the final product you’ve always wanted.

If your business needs a fresh coat of paint or a brand new style, book an estimate with commercial painters. Fox Painting delivers high-quality results in Orange County, New York.