How do office painting services boost employee morale?

February 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How do office painting services boost employee morale?

As a business owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to improve morale and productivity. Special events, prize giveaways, and lunches on the house are often affordable techniques used to help keep employees happy with their job. One strategy that probably isn’t utilized enough is hiring office painting services to change up the appearance of your office. At Fox Painting, we know painting your office seems like a small thing to do to improve morale within the ranks, but we can explain how it works with our guide below.

More positivity

The ultimate goal of improving morale in your company is creating a positive environment where your team feels comfortable. Consider that those who are considered full-time employees will spend nearly a quarter of the hours in their week at the office, and that’s simply working 40 hours a week without overtime or accounting for a commute. Painting your walls can create a climate where your team is more comfortable with where they spend the majority of their time.

Beyond choosing a specific color for the walls, consider mixing things up a bit with special designs or murals. Solid-colored walls can get boring after several years. Murals are a great solution as they provide a low-key distraction from work without occupying too much attention. Your employees can take a brain break to enjoy the beauty of the art without getting too far from their work.

Increased productivity

You can increase productivity in your office simply by using colors that evoke certain emotions. For example, shades of blue or violet can make your employees more relaxed and increase productivity. Red is often associated with anger, but yellow and orange inspire focused energy and positivity. If you want to give your employees a sense of empowerment or convey a measure of elegance with your work, black can be used as an accent color. Take a strategic approach when painting your walls, and you’ll find that your team will work more efficiently.

Change can be good

It’s not unusual to push back against changes, especially when we’ve gotten to be so comfortable with everything around us at work. However, it’s also said that change is the only constant. Making changes at work can be great for your employees because it mixes up some of the monotony. While some changes aren’t going to be nearly as welcome, changing the colors of your walls is a subtle way to mix things up in the office rather than rearranging desks or overhauling procedures.

When you talk to employees as they leave a company, a common response is needing a change of scenery. Whether the change in scenery is literal or physical, you can provide a literal change by painting your walls. Small changes like this within the office can be an effective way to help your employees feel like they’ve had a change without leaving the company.

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