Why Getting a Paint Color Consultation Is a Good Idea

February 27, 2020 at 5:00 AM

If you’re considering painting your house, interior or exterior, it can be pretty intimidating. You’re telling yourself all kinds of things, like how if you don’t get it right, you’ll never live it down, be stuck with it for a long time, or have to spend the time and money re-doing it. We’ve got you covered. At Fox Painting, we’re happy to come over and do a paint color consultation. 

What Is a Paint Color Consultation?

Many of our customers know they want a change, but they’re just not sure what it should be. Maybe you’re tired of all neutral colors, want to try an accent wall, or just want some of the rooms in your house to look different from the rest. We can help, and here’s how.

We Save You Time

If you’re running to and from the paint store, grabbing color cards, coming home, trying to imagine each color on certain walls, then mixing and matching colors, you’re spending a lot of time on something we can do. You should be enjoying your weekends and evenings, not sweating over where you put the last 10 color cards you got. 

We Know the Trends

We’re experts, so we know what the latest trends are and what we think will fall by the wayside quickly. We can help you make choices that you’ll not only love, but that can also help the resale value of your house down the road. If you don’t want to fully commit to a trend, we can help you accent it into your palate. 

We’re Objective

We not saying you don’t make good decisions – of course you do. We just know sometimes what seems like a great idea can be fleeting. Maybe there really is a great color that would be perfect, but it’s going to clash with your flooring. No matter how badly you want the color, we’ll be honest with you. 

We’re oftentimes mediators. Maybe you and your family can’t decide between two colors – we can talk it through with all of you to help you make the final decision. To keep the peace, we may be able to find the perfect compromise color that will make everyone happy. Ultimately, you have the final say, and we’ll run with what you want. But, if you want an expert opinion, we’ll have one!

We Can Show You Options You Hadn’t Thought Of

The great thing about being in business for as long as we have is our history of working with many clients, colors, and configurations. We’ll show you work we’ve done to see if something piques your interest, and we can run a color scheme based on that. We have technology and tools available that allow us to offer a range of colors that may not have been on your radar but ends up being perfect for you. 

We Take “Us” Out of It

We come into your home with the sole purpose of finding the perfect colors for you and your house. We don’t just pick what we like, but what we think goes well with your furnishings, your architecture, and your style. You’re our customer, and we’ve built our business on providing unparalleled service with impeccable quality – our color consulting is no different. 

We Can Do the Work for You

Once you’ve decided on colors, we’d love to be the painters you choose for the job. We are proud of our reputation for showing up on time, being professional, and transparent while exceeding your expectations. If you’d like to book a consultation or just want more information, you can reach us here or call 845-500-0557.