What Do Painters Do to Prep a Room?

October 31, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Fox Painting painters will move furniture before commencing their service

Giving your home or commercial space a professional paint job is both an exciting and stressful endeavor. You may be wondering - will the painters move my furniture for me? Is there anything I need to do to prepare my space in advance? These things, of course, depend largely on the quality and professionalism of your service provider. However, there are a few preparation techniques that are considered standard practice among most painting businesses.

Whether you have scheduled a painting service or you are debating whether or not it's worth going the professional route, it is important to know what painters will and will not do to prep a room before applying paint. At Fox Painting, our team is committed to caring for your property by completing a thorough room preparation checklist prior to painting. Continue reading to find out what preparation services you can expect from a professional painter.

Minor repairs

One of the most noticeable differences that can be detected between professional and DIY paint jobs is whether or not the resulting surface is perfectly smooth. Amateur painters often neglect to fill in small holes created by drilling objects such as picture frames or shelves into their walls. In contrast, reputable painting contractors will not begin applying paint until they have a flat surface to work with. This tedious step in the preparation process is easy to get wrong without the correct tools and materials. Hiring a professional is therefore the best way to ensure a flawless finish.

Clean the surface

Another element of painting that DIYers often forget is the importance of cleaning the surface before applying paint. Over time, dust will undoubtedly accumulate on your walls regardless of whether or not it is noticeable to the naked eye. For this reason, cleaning is an important step that professional contractors must take to prepare the surface. If you have dry flakes of paint or residue leftover from old wallpaper, your contractor should be able to remove all of these unwanted elements using specialized tools and industrial-level cleaning solutions.

Tape edges

Another step that professional painters will take before they begin painting is to tape the edges surrounding your walls. This includes banisters, ceilings, floors, crown molding, and more. Even the steadiest hand in the business can not avoid getting paint onto unwanted areas without the protection that a thick barrier of specialized tape provides. Taping the room will create clean lines and a perfect contrast in the case of adjacent architectural elements that are painted in different colors. If after the service is complete, you notice paint on unwanted areas such as your floors, your contractor should be responsible for fixing this.

Move furniture

Many property owners wonder if their painters will move furniture out of the way before commencing their services, or whether this is something they need to do in advance. This very much depends on the contractor, however most painters will come prepared to shift furniture around so that it is far enough from your walls to avoid paint transfer. Additionally, your painters may bring a large plastic tarp to cover your furniture with. While you can expect your contractor to take some preventative measures, it is advisable to remove any pieces that you are particularly concerned about before your service providers arrive.

At Fox Painting, we offer a host of services that can help prepare your building for optimal paint application. Such services include power washing, professional color consultations, and more. Our team is here to ensure you get the precise result that you’re looking for. Contact us today to request a free estimate on our top-rated services.