Power Washing Services to Clean Up Your Home

May 20, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of a house that needs power washing services in Orange County, NY.

When you live in your home day in and day out, you may not always notice the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime on your property’s exterior. Outside dirt doesn’t just make your home look run down; it can also cause excessive wear and tear on your property and exterior paint. While cleaning the windows and gutters might be a regular item on your spring cleaning chore list, it can also be time-consuming. There’s a better way to clean your home than a bucket of soapy water. Here are a few power washing services to clean up your home’s exterior.

Fences and walkways

Through the seasons, fences can darken and stain, looking older than they actually are. Using a power washing service for your yard, you can keep your landscaping looking pristine, especially after the wear and tear of the winter.

Power washing can remove weeds from growing in walkway cracks before they grow big enough to distort pavers or worsen the damage. With power washing services on wooden fences, cement walls, and walkways, you can keep your landscaping looking brand new for longer.

A Beautiful Home in North Carolina

Driveways and garages

No matter how regular you are with your car maintenance, driveways and garages are prime locations to accumulate stains. No matter how good your landscaping and lawn look, oil stains can compromise the curb appeal of your property.

If you do home DIY projects in your garage, spilled paint and stain can make your property look more run-down than it actually is. When you clear out your garage for power washing services once a year, it keeps your cement floor looking close to brand-new for decades to come. It’s also good to power wash before you paint or seal your garage floor.


Your home’s exterior is one of the most common places to use power washing services. Whether your home is clapboard, vinyl siding, or brick, power washing can address the dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places.

If you live in a busy area or haven’t had your home power washed before, the combination of hot water and soap can clean years off your home’s exterior. Power washing exterior siding can improve curb appeal and property value for homeowners planning on selling.


Cleaning your windows from the inside is likely part of your weekly or monthly chore list. But cleaning the exterior windows is a time-consuming hassle, sometimes involving ladders and squeegees.

Instead, use a power washing service. Technicians will use a low setting to protect your windows and hot water and soap for the built-up grime from the past season or year.

Play areas for kids

For many homeowners, cleaning their kids’ play equipment is a time-consuming task to do on your own. When you hire a power washing service, you can get peace of mind that your kids’ playground is clean without the hassle of spending a day off scrubbing slides and swings.

When you schedule power washing services for your home, add your kids’ play equipment to the service to keep your family safe.

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