Top 4 Trends For Faux Painters In Orange County

November 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
living room painted blue using paint services for homes

Contemporary faux painting techniques in Orange County, NY are designed to replicate the appearance and unique characteristics of other materials. If you’re looking to enhance the style of your home in a cost-effective way, faux painting and finishing is the right choice for you! 

Below we discuss some of the latest faux painting trends that are popular right now in Orange County, New York. 

Chalkboard paint. 

If you have a household with small children, this popular finish is perfect. This unique paint job takes on the characteristics of a traditional chalkboard, and allows your children to write on the walls without damaging them. Most homeowners prefer to use this finish in playrooms for its durability, or in kitchens to write grocery lists without wasting paper. 

Marbleized paint. 

Skilled painters can use a multitude of different colors and detail to create an effect that resembles solid marble. This look works well in houses that prefer to decorate formally, and are trying to achieve a stately interior design concept. A talented painter can change any surface into a marbleized one. The common surfaces that can get transformed include plastic, wood, or plaster surfaces. 


If you’re looking to add extra character and detail to your home's interior, striping is a great option for you. Using painter’s tape, acute measurements, and artistic skill, a painter can create a beautiful effect on your walls. Striping can be customized in terms of the thickness of the lines and color. It is a great alternative to wallpaper, and will add beautiful degrees of detail to any room in your home. 

Striping can help your home complete a wide variety of different styles and themes. These include a countryside theme, nautical, or a classic country club look. 

Distressed finishes. 

For antique lovers who want their home’s interior design to descend into another age, a distressed finish is an elegant choice for your wall’s paint job. A painter will achieve this well-worn look by laying down an initial layer applied evenly to the wall, and then sanding it down in certain areas to create a well-aged effect. This eclectic finish is great for people with older homes, or lovers of Victorian interior design themes. 

Your home’s paint job can be a deciding factor in the success of your interior design scheme. Faux paint is the ideal choice for homeowners with a particular interior ambiance in mind, and for enhancing every interior space of their home with color. The most common uses for faux paint jobs include covering entire walls, highlighting a unique architectural feature in your home, and creating a stunning accent wall. 

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