Top 3 reasons you need to work with a paint color consultant

February 21, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Samples of paint colors.

When decorating a space, the importance of color cannot be understated. The color you select can make or break the ambiance of your home. However, choosing the right color can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the expertise of a paint color consultant. Luckily, at Fox Painting, we are the leading paint color consultants in Orange County, NY. We have extensive experience, and unlike competitors, we can complete special projects and always think outside the box to find the perfect solutions for your unique circumstances.

Here are 3 reasons to work with a color consultant:

1. They save you time.

One reason to work with a paint color consultant in Orange County, NY, is that they will save you significant time.

Consultants save time in decision-making when selecting furniture and other additions to your home. Ideally, you will show up to your first consultation with colors that inspire you. Using their expertise and instincts, they apply your inspiration to your home.

This instinctual ability enables you to narrow down your decisions, make decisions quicker, and ultimately save significant time. Trying to devise decorating and color ideas can be incredibly time-intensive, especially if you don’t have the experience and natural acumen of a professional consultant.

A consultant will research and find the ideal color combinations for your taste. Plus, providing you with combinations and options tailored to your taste significantly mitigates the choices. Reducing choices ultimately makes the process easier and less time-intensive.

Consultations often reduce a process that takes several hours and can be supremely frustrating into just a few meetings.

2. They save you money.

Another reason to work with a paint color consultant in Orange County, NY is they can save you significant money. Between indecision and mistakes, the entire process can get expensive.

For example, if you make choices that you think you like but ultimately don’t, that can be a waste of money. Color consultants guide you through choices to optimize your decision-making so it’s as cost-effective as possible.

More importantly, every time you purchase a sample of paint or request fabric swatches, you incur a cost. Worst yet, during this phase and especially without the help of a consultant, you will likely be no closer to making a final decision.

By saving money on sorting through colors and other aspects, you will be able to stretch and maximize your decorating budget.

3. They are experts.

Lastly, another benefit of working with a paint color consultant in Orange County, NY, is they are experts.

This expertise invariably helps you make the perfect decisions. Paint color consultants know all the trends, and their experience enables them to suggest the best colors to tie everything together, from your lifestyle to your personality to functionality.

Plus, they have extensive knowledge of paint products and the creativity to enhance the style and look of your home. Moreover, consultants do so much more than choose colors. They evaluate natural and artificial light, and they always operate with the mood of a room in mind.

This is difficult to do alone, especially when untrained. Consultants help make a final decision and act as objective third parties to ensure you select the perfect color for you and your space.

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Picking the right color for your home sets the tone, and setting the wrong tone can undermine the comfort and sanctity of your home. Luckily, at Fox Painting, we offer the leading paint color consultant services in Orange County, NY, so you always make the perfect decision. With our expert services, your tastes and home ambiance will always align. Contact us now for a free consultation!