Reasons to Get a Professional Color Consultation Before Repainting

June 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Florida Artist RhondaK paintbrushes drying. She uses colorful paint in her works on mermaids, manatees, crabs, palm trees, and more.

Repainting your home’s interior is an exciting opportunity to try something new. But choosing between all the available colors of paint can quickly become overwhelming. Color consultation services can help you navigate the process and find the perfect color combination for your home. Here’s how.

Involve You In the Process

While you likely already have an idea of the colors you like or hold a preference for certain hues, a color consultant will help you transform your thoughts into a real color vision. After learning about your tastes, a color consultant will complement and contrast your favorite colors in new, exciting ways.

Whether you prefer colors that are bold, neutral, vibrant, quiet, or even a mix of different kinds, a color consultant can create color schemes that translate your preferences into styles that work together and capture the perfect combination for your color personality.

Brings New Ideas to the Table

After you’ve been to the paint store more times than you can count, tried creating numerous test strokes on a wall, and you’re still not sure which option to go with, your process will benefit from a new perspective. Leaning on years of experience full of completed projects for a wide variety of clients, a color consultant can help you reimagine a space and help you get a better idea of what a room will look like if painted a specific color.

Since you’re also considering the room’s furniture, purpose, and relation to the rest of your home, it can be challenging to see the bigger picture without getting caught in all the smaller details. A color consultant will offer an objective viewpoint that helps you consider every possibility, as well as provide guidance for when choosing between colors becomes difficult.

Helps You Achieve the Mood You’re Looking For

Color can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere of a space. Warm colors can bring a bit of energy to a room while cool colors can leave a calm, serene impression. Color consultants will help you achieve the exact ambiance you’re looking for with colors that complement your specific tastes.

For example, would you prefer a dining space that’s quiet and formal or one that’s lively enough for weekend get-togethers? Should your living room be neutral to complement a variety of furniture types or bright and bold to create an eclectic mood? Whatever type of ambiance you’d like to create, a color consultant will help you choose the perfect shades of color to meet your unique needs.

Expertise and Knowledge

Reputable color consultants, (like the consultants at Fox Painting) have extensive knowledge about colors and paint. They’ll know what colors and designs are currently trending, and they’ll also know exactly what types of materials on the market are best for your project.

What’s more, they understand what kind of color you’re actually going to see once the paint has dried, as well as how long it will take for the paint to dry. Natural light affects the color of paint and reveals its truest color. Incandescent lighting on the other hand, will bring out warmer tones and yellows. Fluorescent light creates a sharp, blue tone.

A color consultant will help you learn how lighting conditions influence the appearance of paint, so you can plan your indoor lighting accordingly.

Book The Color Consultation Your Repaint Needs with Fox Painting

There are few feelings worse than choosing the wrong color of paint for your home. You put time, thought, and money into creating a new space that speaks to your taste and offers a welcoming environment for guests.

Fox Painting’s color consultation services will save you time, money, and future headaches by helping you get the right color combination on the first try. If you’re about to repaint your interior, contact us today for a free estimate.